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Barcelona, a modern city

Posted by on Dec 11, 2017 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Barcelona, a modern city

If you love a modern city that has everything like a football stadium, modern shops and a giant century-old temple, then you’d love Barcelona. Barcelona was where intellectuals gathered during the 17th and 18th century. This is one reason why there are various museums in this city. Barcelona has a rich history despite the fact that at present, it’s a modern city, though not as busy as Amsterdam or Paris.

There’s the top tourist favourite Sagrada de Familia at Calle Mallorca where a giant temple was first constructed in 1882 by Antonio Gaudi. Though Gaudi has long been dead, the Sagrada de Famila has been rebuilt and improved up to this day. In fact, some say that final completion can only happen given 30 to 50 more years. The Sagrada is more than just a huge Cathedral but a whole complex. See the Segrada’s smaller chapels and churches and gardens. This edifice looks so impressive because there are more than a hundred murals and bas relief of saints and the Holy Family on the thick old walls. It also is shaped like a tower or a huge minaret. This is extraordinary since its top seems typical of Arabic architecture. See the glowing stained glass windows which seem to improve the sacred ambience of the place. The Sagrada de Familia has more than two million tourists visiting it every year making it one of Spain’s top tourist site. The city of Barcelona also offers the L’Aquarium Barcelona, the most important marine aquarium and leisure center in that deals about Mediterranean water species. The Aquarium has about 35 huge tanks, 11,000 animals and 450 species which is why it is visited by millions all over the world. Part of this famous Aquarium is an immense Oceantarium. It is much bigger than the one in Cannes near Nice Airport near to the taxi rank.

Tourists may also want to visit Barcelona’s Spanish Village also called Poble Espanyol. The Poble is a replica of a real Spanish village which is designed from different other villages in Spain. It isn’t only the array of different Spanish architecture that will impress you here, but also the activities within this replica village.Enjoy seeing the the crafts, arts and the famous Flamenco show at tablao de Carmen. Barcelona also is the city of museums and is known to be where premiere museums in Europe are located. It also is a city of fun where the Magic Fountain of Montjuic, a well choreographed dance of lights and colors none like any other in Spain, can be delightfully enjoyed.

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An overview of Barcelona

Posted by on May 11, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on An overview of Barcelona

Barcelona MontjuicBarcelona is referred to as the second capital of Spain, Madrid being the first. It is in Barcelona where you will find Catalunya which is a region on the northern part of Spain that you will find with two tribes having their own traditions, language and cuisine that is distinct from the rest of the country. Catalans are proud of their heritage and for this reason they have retained it all through history. This fantastic blend of different languages and culture makes Barcelona a tremendous place to visit.

Barcelona city is full of culture, harmony and style making, it a fabulous place to pay a visit. The city perfectly meets the desires of the modern world while still maintaining the old culture. There has been a lot of thought involved in the maintenance of the city centers beauty, while still ensuring excellent facilities to cater for both the community and the business world. In Barcelona, you will literally witness the integration of the old and modern world unlike most European cities that have a major clash between the two cultures. As you stroll down the city streets, you can feel how the new edifices have developed and integrated with the old architecture.

Many great painters and artists notably Picasso and Miró worked in this city in the earlier ages and their work can still be seen all through the city. There are museums dedicated to their work that are located within Barcelona city. Apart from these, there are other museum and art galleries that the lovers of art will find quite interesting whilst in the city.

In the city, developer’s minds maintaining harmony is first in mind and not the aesthetics, this is what has led to this successful integration. Barcelona city’s location is magnificent with a 4.2-kilometer beach walk and its central European location means that you can fly to it from literally any location in Europe within just two hours. If you are planning to stay in Barcelona for longer than two weeks then you should take time to visit some of the surrounding areas of Barcelona. The French Pyrenees are just two hours drive away from the city centre. For the wine lovers the vineyards are a drive north of the city where you will experience great wines and the viniculture.

When you feel, you need to relax and unwind you can stroll to the beach a few walks away and here you can sample one of the best seafood the Mediterranean cuisine has to offer.

Getting a taxi from the airport is quite simple and there are lots of taxis outside at the stand.

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